Colección: Ditting Grinders

Ditting was founded in 1928 by Adolf Ditting in Zurich, Switzerland. The company initially focused on manufacturing precision grinding machinery for various industries. In the 1940s, they began specializing in coffee grinders, recognizing the growing demand for high-quality grinding equipment in the coffee industry.

Over the decades, Ditting established itself as a leader in commercial coffee grinding technology. They became known for their innovative designs and commitment to precision engineering. The company's grinders gained popularity among coffee roasters, specialty cafes, and research facilities worldwide.

In 2015, Ditting merged with Mahlkönig, another renowned grinder manufacturer, under the Hemro Group. This merger combined two of the most respected names in coffee grinding technology, further strengthening Ditting's position in the market.

Throughout its history, Ditting has maintained its reputation for Swiss quality and precision, continually improving their designs to meet the evolving needs of the specialty coffee industry.