Collection: Ceado

Ceado is a renowned Italian company that specializes in the design and production of professional coffee grinders. Founded in 1952 in Italy, Ceado has built a reputation for excellence and innovation in the coffee industry.

The company's history is marked by a dedication to quality craftsmanship and technological advancement. Over the years, Ceado has continually refined its grinding technologies to meet the evolving needs of coffee professionals and aficionados worldwide.

Ceado's coffee grinders are celebrated for their precision, reliability, and consistency. They offer a wide range of models tailored to various applications, from small cafes to large-scale coffee production facilities. Whether it's the E37S, known for its exceptional grind quality and speed, or the E6P, prized for its compact design and affordability, Ceado grinders are trusted by baristas and coffee aficionados for their superior performance.

Ceado produces plenty of on-demand coffee grinders as well as single-dose coffee grinders. Their grinders are designed with energy-efficient motors and durable components, ensuring long-lasting performance while minimizing environmental impact.

Today, Ceado continues to lead the way in the coffee industry, pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards for quality and performance in coffee grinding technology. With a rich history rooted in Italian craftsmanship and a passion for excellence, Ceado remains a trusted name among coffee professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.