Collection: Iberital

Originating in Barcelona, Iberital is an international brand dedicated to transforming the industry through its range of espresso machines tailored for diverse baristas. Since 1975, Iberital has upheld a mission to elevate industry norms by crafting innovative and dependable equipment for baristas worldwide.

Their goal is to steer the industry towards a future that is sustainable, efficient, intelligent, and health-conscious. Collaborating with tech centers and universities in Barcelona, they pioneer advanced technologies in thermal stability, water distribution, connectivity, and energy efficiency.

Iberital creates espresso machines tailored specifically for baristas and their work settings. Among their standout models is the IB7, ideal for compact areas, boasting a distinctive and durable design. The company's dedication to innovation drives the coffee-making industry forward by prioritizing sustainability, cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and high-quality materials to ensure a consistently delicious cup of coffee.

We are proud to carry commercial espresso machines from this famous Spanish brand. We offer heat exchanger espresso machines (IB7 and Intenz), compact machines (IB7), and well as dual-boiler commercial machines such as the Expressions series.