Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I use a coupon on an order I’ve already placed?

Unfortunately, we do not allow coupons to be retro-applied. This is why we ask you to enter your codes as soon as you get them. 

Why pay now and deliver later?

We request your payment to secure your spot on the list. When the shipment arrives we don’t have time to go through and request payments. Doing so would lead to further delays nor would it allow for us to reserve the product.

The product I received looks different?

Sometimes there are product variations from the manufacturer, such as different colored buttons or logos. We assure you all products are originals and this in no way shape or form messes with the functionality of the machine. We try to update our product pictures as soon as we receive updates, however, not all manufacturers will inform us of small changes.

My product has water/grounds in it?

Do not worry, this is just due to the testing. All commercial products and some home machines will be tested before they ship. The residue you find does not mean that the item is used but rather may be left over from the testing process. It’s natural to find coffee grounds in a grinder box.

Do you ship to international addresses?

Yes we do. Please get in contact with our customer support team for a quote. Be mindful that we only accept bank transfers on international orders.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes we do. Please get in contact with our customer support team for a quote.

How do pre-order items work?

Once you place your order you will secure your spot in the back-order line. This is why we ask customers to order as soon as possible. Once the machines come in and are tested they will be shipped out based on order dates. (first come, first serve)

I haven't received my free gifts?

Gift items will ship out separately and should arrive a couple of days after your machine.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order please email us at hello@coffeeionado.com. Please note that if the item is already in the process of shipping we may not be able to stop it and you will need to place a return.


Coupons & Promotions

Coupon Exclusions

Certain brands do not allow for blanket coupon codes or sales. These include but are not limited to: Baratza, Rocket and Ceado

Where do I apply my coupon?

You will need to apply your coupon on the checkout page. You cannot enter it in your cart page.

Why won’t a coupon apply to my order?

If this happens, your coupon may have expired or the coupon is not valid for the order or the brand. Please reach out to our representative and we will work with you on a solution.

Can I use a coupon on an order I’ve already placed?


Placing an Order

Order Confirmation

Once you have placed your order you will receive an order confirmation via email. Please check your spam folder if you did not receive it.

Order Processing

Once your order has been processed we will coordinate with the manufacturer on getting your item ready. If it is a small item or home grinder then it should ship in 2-3 days. If you have ordered a commercial item, please allow 5-7 days before shipping. Your item will need to be tested and palletized before being shipped to you. This is an industry standard.

Pre-Order Item(s)

For pre-ordered items, please allow a couple of days after arrival of the shipment for processing and testing before shipping.

Tracking Information

When do I receive tracking information on my shipment?

As soon as we get tracking information from the manufacturer that your item has shipped we will update your order and send an email with a notification and tracking number.

My tracking number isn’t showing up in the carrier’s tracking system?

Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours before the shipping company’s website will update with the tracking information. Please allow time for the data to be received by their servers to update.

My package shows “Delivered” but I didn’t receive it?

If this happens please email us and notify us as soon as possible. We have less than 24 hours to file a claim.


Modifying an Order

Can I change the shipping address of my order?

After the shipment has been prepared to depart we may be able to change the consignee address. This will depend on the carrier and the possibility. If it is available a fee of $50 for re-consignment will be applied to your total.

Can I change which payment method I used for an order?

Unfortunately you cannot change the payment method after purchase. We may be able to void the charge and send you an invoice to pay how you choose. Please contact our support team to see what is possible. If the order has already been established with the manufacturer we may not be able to facilitate your request.

Can I have my shipment held at a facility?

Yes you can. Just let us know before the item ships. Once it has shipped we cannot confirm it will be held.


Canceling an Order

Can I cancel my order?

Please email our support team at hello@coffeeionado.com

How will I be credited for a cancelled order?

Once you decide to cancel your order and our team cancel your order in our system you will be refunded your purchase, minus any accessorial charges.

When will I be credited for a cancelled order?

Once we cancel an order the refund process will take 3-5 days depending on your bank.

Can I cancel an order that has been shipped?

Unfortunately no, you will not be able to cancel an order that has shipped or is scheduled for pick up. You will need to contact our team to initiate a return.

My order shows shipped even though I cancelled it?

We cannot hold orders that are scheduled for pick up and that have shipped, if you decided to cancel during this period we will need to process the order as a return.


Refusing or Stopping an Order

How do I stop the shipping of an order to me?

Unfortunately after an item has shipped we cannot stop it. You will need to contact our team and file a return.

What if I refuse an order?

If you refuse an order, in accordance with our terms of sale, you will be charged for shipping both to you and back to the factory. You may also incur other accessorial fees such as address reassignment and storage.


Receiving Questions

Check Contents for Damage

Per our Terms of Sale, you will need to check the contents in the box for damage and report any damages within 2 days. In the unfortunate event there is a damaged item we will need to notify the shipper and file a claim.

Do I need to keep the box and packaging my item(s) came with? 

Yes, we request customers keep the boxes their packages come in.

What happens if I receive an item I didn’t order?

Please notify our team at hello@coffeeionado.com as soon as possible. We will work with you on getting the correct item or just returning the unordered item.


Do your products come with a manufacturer's warranty?

Yes, all of our large products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty for most manufacturers starts on the day of purchase and is generally for a year.

What’s covered in the manufacturer’s warranty?

The machine that you purchased is covered along with any defects of the component or parts. Labor may also be covered but please check with us to confirm since it depends on the company. It does not cover any equipment that has been affected by misuse, neglect, alteration, improper installation or operation, improper maintenance or repair, damage or casualty, as determined by the manufacturer's distributors.


Who should I contact about warranty issues?

Contact our team via email with photos and videos (if possible) of the issue with the equipment. You can contact us at hello@coffeeionado.com

What voids my warranty?

Unauthorized Repairs or Modifications: Opening up the machine or attempting to repair or modify it without the manufacturer's authorization can void the warranty. It's recommended to rely on authorized service centers or technicians for any repairs or modifications.


Use of Non-Approved Parts or Accessories: Using parts or accessories that are not approved or recommended by the manufacturer may void the warranty. This includes things like using generic or incompatible filters, portafilters, or tamper.


Improper Cleaning or Maintenance: Neglecting proper cleaning or maintenance procedures as outlined in the manufacturer's instructions could void the warranty. This includes failure to descale the machine regularly, improper backflushing, or neglecting routine maintenance tasks.


Negligence or Misuse: Any damage caused by negligence or misuse of the machine, such as using it for purposes other than its intended use or operating it outside of recommended specifications, may void the warranty. This includes scenarios like using the machine with incompatible voltage or exposing it to extreme conditions.


Improper Water Filtration: Commercial espresso machines often require a specific type of water filtration system to maintain optimal performance and prevent damage. Failure to install or maintain a proper water filtration system as recommended by the manufacturer may void the warranty. Using unfiltered water or using an incompatible water filtration system can lead to mineral buildup, scaling, and other issues that can affect the machine's functionality and longevity.


Failure to Follow Operating Instructions: Not following the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer can lead to warranty voidance. This includes using incorrect brewing temperatures, improper water quality, or disregarding any specific guidelines outlined in the manual.


Commercial Use or Unauthorized Transfer: If the espresso machine is intended for home use only and is used for commercial purposes, or if it is transferred or sold without the manufacturer's authorization, the warranty may be voided.


Exclusions to limited warranty applicable to products as noted. The following exclusions, which are not limited to, include and apply to the product during the warranty period:

1. Items that can be replaced and items that are damaged due to failure to follow instructions included with the product.

  1. Issues related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling. Please use water with a ppm level above 0 but below 50, and always follow the manufacturer's manual for descaling and maintaining proper water hardness.
  2. Products without a visible or altered serial number.
  3. Any product that has been damaged or made defective due to accidents, abuse, misuse, lack of necessary maintenance and cleaning, neglect, improper installation, mishandling, damage during shipment for warranty repairs, power surges from the electrical line, or any external causes.
  4. Warranty does not cover the use of the product in ways not specified in the user documentation.
  5. Warranty does not cover the use of non-original manufacturer parts.
  6. Warranty is void if the product is modified or serviced by unauthorized individuals.
  7. Warranty does not cover damages caused by natural disasters like lightning, flood, or fire.
  8. Warranty does not cover the cost of installations or routine maintenance items, including gaskets, o-rings, grinding burrs, and other items that naturally wear out over time.

  9. Our home-use products, as listed on our website, are not suitable for commercial environments.
  10. The warranty period cannot be transferred to another person.
  11. The shipping costs for returning the product to an authorized warranty center will be covered.
  12. Any on-site labor, labor at unauthorized locations, or expedited shipping costs for self-repairs will not be covered.
  13. Our products are not intended for shipment or use outside of the United States of America.
  14. Any cosmetic defects are not covered by the warranty.


IMPORTANT: We will not accept returns, shipments relating to warranty, or exchanges that do not have original packaging. A machine or grinder that is shipped without original packaging is almost certainly going to be destroyed during transportation. It is also a good idea to keep packaging in case of warranty issues or future maintenance/repairs. The original packaging is specifically engineered to reduce the possibility of shipping damage. 



Refunds & Credits

What and how will I be refunded?

You will be refunded on the card used to make your purchase.

When should I expect my refund?

You will receive your refund in 3-5 working days depending on your bank.

How do I get refunded if my order was lost?

If an order fails to show up we must file a claim with the shipping company. We cannot issue a refund until the delivery company determines the package was lost. This can take up to two weeks. We are not responsible for misrouted shipments.