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Elevate Your Coffee Experience.

"It's More Than A Cup, It's A Story"

At Coffeeionado, we believe there is a story behind every crafted cup of coffee and we are here to help you make better tasting coffee. Hence our motto "It's more than a cup, it's a story." We believe every crafted cup has a tale behind it; from the the farmers who methodically cultivated the land, picked the cherries and processed the beans in their native lands to the roasters who brought out the different flavor profiles to the home or cafe that the coffee was carefully prepared in. Every step of the way the story deepens, people come together, and lives are connected.
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Our Partners

All of the brands we carry are guaranteed to take your coffee game to the next level. We are proud to offer these leading brands at excpetional value.

Only Quality Selections

We're here to help you elevate your coffee experience. It's no longer a dark bitter necessity to help us get through our day, it's now a flavorful drink that provides many stories from origin to cup. Whether you are new in your journey or a seasoned enthusiast we want to welcome you and help you bring the best out of your beans. We can't wait to work with you and assist you in having amazing coffee. Our portfolio stocks leading brands in the industry and we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products at the best value.

Only Certified Products

With our Product Guarantee you can easily shop while being assured that your items will be brand new from the manufacturer.
Since we don't own any box store locations you can take advantage of this amazing value and purchase these high quality brands at low prices.

Our Team

Kevin   -  Co-Director of First Impressions

Creative and dedicated, Kevin wants to make your interactions with us memorable. Favorite coffee: Latte.

Jennifer   -  Co-Founder, Marketer

Head of Marketing, you can always find Jennifer around the office with her coffee cup in hand. Favorite single-origin coffee: Colombian and Guatemalan

Jason   -  Commercial Sales & Support

A joker around the office, Jason brings his sales experience to the team and his willingness to help others in their journey. Favorite coffee: Flat white when he can

Wes   -  Co-Founder, Manager

After the first amazing cup of single-origin Colombia, he was a believer in great tasting coffee. He now works on making the experience easier for everyone to enjoy. Favorite single-origin coffees: East African, medium roasts.