Collection: Rocket Espresso

Rocket Espresso Milano is known for creating exceptional espresso machines using the traditional Fatto a Mano method, which means made by hand. Let's take a look at their products available:

Rocket Espresso Home Machines for Sale

These home espresso machines combine Italian craftsmanship with high-quality coffee, enhancing your daily brewing experience. The following models are perfect for any aficionado.

  • R 58: A chic option for coffee lovers.
  • Evoluzione R: Blending performance and aesthetics.
  • Type V: Crafted for superior quality.

Commercial Machines for Sale

Rocket Espresso Milano's commercial machines set new standards in the professional coffee equipment industry, trusted by baristas globally. With a focus on sleek, modern design, Rocket Espresso offers both style and functionality1

Coffee Grinders

The Fausto grinders from Rocket Espresso Milano combine precision and performance with Italian design, enhancing your coffee experience whether at home or in a commercial setting.