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UNIC Commercial Espresso Machines for Sale

UNIC's entire designing and manufacturing process is carried out in France, where they leverage traditional expertise and cutting-edge technology to meet the highest standards. The company began in 1919 and they are known for their reliability and state-of-the-art design, making UNIC a leading French expert in the field of espresso machines. UNIC's commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in their more than a century of expertise in the industry.

UNIC Automatic Espresso Machines (Classic, Stella)

UNIC offers a range of commercial espresso machines, and we carry the Classic (new, replacing the Mira) and Stella models. These machines are designed for reliability, durability, and quality coffee extraction. These UNIC machines are available in 1 group, 2 group and 3 group automatic coffee machines. These machines come with 

Super Automatic Commercial Espresso Machines (Tango)

UNIC's super automatic espresso machines, such as the Tango® range, offer exceptional performance, consistency, and coffee extraction quality. These machines are designed for ease of use for baristas and easy cleaning and maintenance. UNIC has been in the coffee machine business for over a century and is committed to quality and innovation. They offer a range of machines for sale, including the Tango Ace Super-automatic, which has an automated steam and foaming wand for milk drinks.

Products and Warranty

At Coffeeionado we offer free shipping, paid installation and a 1 year warranty on all UNIC espresso machines. Find out more by chatting with a representative online or by phone at 866-595-0420