Collection: Lelit Espresso Machines

Lelit espresso machines have been a staple in commercial and personal coffee consumption since their introduction in 1980. Established in Baitella, Italy, Lelit has become a renowned manufacturer of home and commercial-grade espresso machines. Their flagship product, the Bianca machine, is the perfect combination of innovative technology and timeless Italian style.

Each Lelit espresso machine is handmade with high-quality materials to offer a unique experience for each user. Their patented Microswitch System ensures consistent steam pressure and water temperature for every cup brewed. The advanced thermoblock heating system ensures that each shot is extracted perfectly while its adjustable settings add more versatility to your coffee brewing routine. 

Over the years, Lelit has grown from a small family operation into one of the leading brands in the global market for home and commercial espresso machines. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their products which feature advanced technology, high-end materials and impeccable craftsmanship. From traditional manual lever machines to modern super-automatic models featuring digital controls and LCD displays, Lelit offers something for every level of barista.

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