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La Pavoni USA Espresso Machines

La history of La Pavoni began in 1905 when Desiderio Pavoni established the company in Milan. This marked the start of a coffee-making revolution, as La Pavoni introduced the filter holder and subsequently developed the groundbreaking Ideale espresso machine.

By the 1950s and 1960s, La Pavoni had risen to prominence as Italy's premier espresso machine manufacturer. Renowned for their innovative designs and exquisite aesthetics, La Pavoni's machines set a new standard for espresso aficionados worldwide. Blending quality craftsmanship with elegant design, La Pavoni elevated coffee machines into luxurious pieces of art. The brand proudly champions the Made in Italy ethos on a global scale.

We feature iconic modals from La Pavoni, which produce amazing home espresso machines and commercial machines. Although not as well known as some of the other Italian brands, they also produce commercial grinders and home espresso grinders.

If you are looking for La Pavoni machines for the US or the Americas, then you are in the right spot. All of our machines are for the North American market and come with the proper plugs (unlike some competitors).

We offer many La Pavoni lever espresso machines along with their line of commercial products. When you are looking for La Pavoni machines for sale, think Coffeeionado.