Best Dosage for Manual Brew

Finding the sweet spot for your favorite pour-over brew is crucial in crafting a balanced cup. That's why we suggest this quick list so you can make sure you use the appropriate dosage with your preferred drip brew. This is one of many variables to help make sure your next cup is not under extracted or over extracted.

15-24 g (approx 1-2 cups)
Hario V60-01
Kalita 155 
Yama Glass 2 Cup

25-35 grams (approx 3-4 cups)
Bee House
Chemex 3
Hario V60-02
Kalita 185
Yama Glass 4 Cup

45-60 grams (approx 6-8 cups)
Chemex 6
Chemex 8
Hario V60-03

When it comes to immersion or siphon vacuum methods, you can fill these items with as much as needed for your brew. Dosage isn't as large of a variable with full immersion or siphon brewing. A neat fact about the Aeropress is that you can actually bypass the 25 gram limit by adding more water after your brew to get the desired full cup.



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