Collection: 2 Group Espresso Machines

Upgrade your coffee shop with a dual-group espresso machine, enabling your baristas to efficiently brew multiple shots of espresso at the same time. Ideal for commercial settings such as coffee shops and restaurants, these machines are designed to enhance productivity and meet high demand.

Semi-Automatic vs. Automatic:

Our machines are available in a variety of setups, including automatic and semi-automatic, heat exchange, dual boiler options.

Semi-Automatic: These machines require manual control for starting and stopping the extraction process. Baristas control the water flow by manually engaging the pump. They offer more hands-on experience and allow customization.

Automatic: These machines automate the water flow during extraction. Baristas set the shot volume, and the machine stops automatically when the desired amount is reached. They provide consistency and efficiency.

Dual Boiler vs. Single Heat-Exchanger:

    Dual Boiler: These machines have separate boilers—one for brewing and one for steaming milk. Dual boilers allow simultaneous brewing and steaming, ensuring consistent temperature for both tasks.

    Single Heat-Exchanger: These machines use a single boiler with a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger allows baristas to brew and steam sequentially. They are efficient but may require temperature adjustments.

    Made for Medium to High Volume Cafes

    Coffee shops with moderate to high customer traffic find 2-group machines to be perfect. These machines strike a balance between performance, space, and workflow efficiency. By being able to pull multiple shots at once, they minimize waiting time during busy periods. This makes them well-suited for busy establishments without the bulk of larger 3-group machines

    Two Group Espresso Machines for Sale at Coffeeionado

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