Fiorenzato Technologies

Fiorenzato Technologies

For more than 80 years, Fiorenzato coffee grinders have been celebrated for their cutting-edge design, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering consistency in every brew.

In this article, we will be discussing the differences between all the acronyms you see in the names of the grinders and dissecting what they mean. Each is a nod to a technology that is featured in the grinder.

Crafted in Italy, these grinders feature intuitive touchscreen interfaces for effortless monitoring of performance metrics and customization of preferences.

The precision-engineered burrs are meticulously crafted on-site to ensure impeccable results, while the grinder's reputation for cleanliness and efficiency remains unmatched. You can rely on a Fiorenzato grinder to consistently produce the ideal cup of coffee every time.

XGi Technology

The grinders with XGi technology from Fiorenzato simplify the process of measuring precise coffee doses by weight. Baristas can easily input their desired amount on the touchscreen, and the technology's load cell and software ensure accurate measurements by taking into account the grinder's weight and eliminating any disturbances that could affect the dose. This unique design sets it apart from other grind-by-weight grinders, guaranteeing consistently accurate doses every time.

PRO Technology

The PRO Line from Fiorenzato showcases the latest technology in coffee grinders and is considered a top innovation. With just two levers, the grinding chamber can be easily detached for cleaning, providing a convenient way to access the burrs for maintenance or replacement. Additionally, the settings are retained when removing the chamber, ensuring consistency in grinding.


EVO Technology

If you come across a Fiorenzato espresso machine equipped with EVO technology, it indicates that there is a built-in system to regulate the heat generated by the motor. This feature serves to prevent your coffee beans from getting too hot.


E Display

Look at the touchscreen! Fiorenzato was one of the first to incorporate touchscreens into coffee equipment. Interestingly, the first iPhone was released in 2007, so Fiorenzato's use of touchscreen technology in the mid-2000s was quite innovative.

IPS Display

In 2022, Fiorenzato has improved their displays with a new touch screen that resembles an iPhone panel. The 4.3 inch IPS displays are known for their vibrant colors, easy readability in sunlight, and wide viewing angles. The interface is user-friendly and responsive, featuring a scrolling menu for simple operation. Baristas and owners can easily adjust doses, access consumption statistics, check on burr condition, and access other helpful information to streamline their workflow.

Fiorenzato Burrs 

Fiorenzato prefers to use flat burrs in the majority of their grinders because they consider consistency to be a crucial factor in coffee grinding. The burrs are produced internally using a computerized numerical control machine to guarantee that each burr meets the highest standards and offers consistent results. Constructed from M340 steel, the burrs are safe for food preparation, resistant to corrosion and wear, durable, and easy to clean for optimal performance.

 Red Speed Burrs 

The Red Speed technology is a titanium coating that helps maintain the strength and sharpness of burrs for an extended period of time. Typically, these burrs can last up to four times longer than standard burrs. While a regular burr can handle around 400kg of coffee grinding, Red Speed burrs can grind up to 1400kg of coffee, equivalent to about 6-8 years of usage.

Dark-T Burrs 

Dark-T burrs are an improved version of the M340 burrs, providing better grinding performance. They are coated in a black blend of titanium, aluminum, carbon, and nitrogen, ensuring durability five times longer than regular burrs (confirmed by laboratory testing). These burrs are the only ones made with food-grade materials and are produced in-house using precision CNC machines for high quality. They are highly resistant to corrosion and wear, making them very robust. Currently, they are installed in all PRO Model grinders and AllGrounds.


Sense Features

Sense technology incorporates an advanced load cell technology which allows for precise measurements to be taken. You can accurately monitor the weight of the load in real-time, making it possible to ensure that the correct amount of materials are being used.  AllGround Sense The model includes a built-in weighing scale in the fork, which ensures a consistent and ideal amount of coffee in the portafilter. By utilizing a floating cell with patented protection and interface suppression system, this innovative feature ensures accurate and reliable results every time.


ProBrew Features

Created specifically for high-end coffee drinks, this design reduces the amount of leftover coffee and waste. With custom Dark-T burrs for filter brewing, the carefully crafted shape ensures the perfect size grounds for excellent pour-over coffee. Available in the AllGround ProBrew models.

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