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Mahlkonig Coffee Grinders

Mahlkonig coffee grinders have a rich history in the coffee industry. Founded by German engineer, Klaus Hagemann, in 1924, This German giant, which roughly translates to "king of grinders", has been manufacturing professional grade grinding equipment for almost one hundred years and their coffee grinders are regarded as some of the best in the industry. The most popular coffee grinder today is the EK43 which was designed in 2014 and quickly gained international acclaim due to its consistent grind and ease of use. 

The Mahlkoing EK43 features a 98mm flat burr set that can effortlessly handle large production with great accuracy. It is also equipped with an intuitive control system that allows the user to adjust their settings for different brewing methods including espresso, filter, and cold brew. The EK43 uses high-grade metals and components ensuring it remains durable even through heavy usage over long periods of time - making it ideal for busy cafes or roasting facilities.

The Mahlkonig range of E80 and E65s grinders are renowned for their ability to deliver the perfect grind for all types of beans, enabling espresso lovers to extract the best flavor from their favorite coffees. The E80 grinder is engineered to provide large-scale commercial operations with a reliable, fast and efficient grinding system that can process up to 3kgs of coffee beans in just one minute. It also comes as the E80 gwb and offers an impressive range of features such as a powerful 2HP motor, programmable dosing control and grinding by weight functionality. 

The smaller but equally powerful E65 grinder is well suited for cafes or any business which requires precision grinding at the touch of a button. It also features grind-by-weight capabilites

They have also introduced DDD (disc distance detection) in their latest machines which keeps the distances between the burrs at a constant so there is no longer a need to readjust/reset the burrs throughout the day due to workloads.

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