Collection: Chemex Coffeemakers

In 1941, the innovative chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm created the iconic CHEMEX coffeemaker. Known for his eccentricity, Schlumbohm held over 300 patents in various fields, from cocktail shakers to automobiles. His primary goal was enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of everyday objects.

When developing the CHEMEX, Schlumbohm aimed to simplify the process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee while also emphasizing the beauty of the vessel. Drawing on his expertise as a chemist, he carefully studied the chemical processes involved in extracting flavor and caffeine from coffee beans. This knowledge inspired him to invent the groundbreaking double bonded CHEMEX Bonded paper filters for consistent extraction results.

Inspired by Bauhaus design principles and non-porous labware that doesn't influence taste, Schlumbohm crafted the distinctive hourglass shape that has since become an enduring symbol in American culture. Constructed from a single piece of borosilicate glass and accented with a wooden collar and rawhide tie, the CHEMEX exemplifies simplicity in both form and function. Its unique design has earned recognition and accolades from scientific, artistic, and design communities alike.

Today, the CHEMEX can be found in museums worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, Corning Museum of Glass, and MOMA in New York City.