Collection: La Pavoni Professional Espresso Machines

The La Pavoni Europiccola stands out as a traditional espresso machine, featuring a lever for manual operation that infuses timeless style with hands-on functionality. 

Professional Lever Machines

Similar to the Europiccola espresso machines, the La Pavoni Professional series also features lever-operated espresso machines. With manual control over pressure through the lever, users can enjoy a hands-on and gratifying experience while making espresso. While it demands skill and dedication, the rewarding outcomes make it a worthwhile endeavor.

Made for USA and North American Market

At Coffeeionado, we offer a range of La Pavoni espresso machines specifically designed for the North American market with compatible voltage and plug options. These machines are tailored to meet the electrical standards and preferences of American and Canadian users, ensuring seamless functionality without any adapter hassle.

La Pavoni’s lineup of espresso machines may be precisely what you need to start your day off right. Elevate your morning ritual with authentic Italian-style espressos from these high-quality machines tailored for the USA and North American market.

Perfect for Home

Equipped with stainless steel heating elements, the Professional series will give a long lasting performance. Boasting a 32-ounce boiler capacity in its Home Single-Cup model, this machine can effortlessly whip up multiple beverages in one go, catering perfectly to domestic needs.

Dual Frothing Systems

In the La Pavoni Professional series, there are two distinct frothing systems available. The first is the traditional and manual steam wand, which is elegantly mounted and an essential component of the espresso machine. Usually situated on either side or at the front, it offers a classic frothing experience. The second option is the cappuccino automatic attachment, catering specifically to fans of cappuccinos. This accessory streamlines the frothing procedure by automating the steaming of milk.

Fine Italian Espresso Brand

Established in 1905, La Pavoni has been producing fine Italian-made espresso machines for over 115 years. This long history of crafting exceptional products have earned them a well-deserved reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the industry. Their range of products includes both domestic and professional grade models, giving you plenty of options when choosing an espresso machine for your lifestyle and budget.