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Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 3 Group AV

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave T3 3 Group AV

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Aurelia Wave T3 Commercial Espresso Machine by Nuova Simonelli

The Aurelia Wave by Nuova Simonelli has been praised for its technology, multi-functionality and reliability. It features a large 17-liter total capacity multi-boiler system, SIS preinfusion, 2 push-pull steam wands, tall cup clearance and plumbed drain tray. 

Installation Paid & FREE Gold Package Warranty ($1,900+ Value)

You have enough to worry about and coordinate, order your commercial espresso with Coffeeionado and we will ship your machine to the nearest service providers for Nuova Simonelli. They will arrive and install your machine for you, and we pay your installation fee, it's that easy.

Gold Package Coverage:

  • Professional Installation (water system as well)
  • 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty 
  • Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
  • Water Quality/Clarity Test
  • Equipment Maintenance Training
  • Response within 24 Hours
  • Automatic Warranty Claim Processing
  • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
  • Single Point of Contact
  • 1 Nuisance Call

Paid Shipping ($499+ Value)

At Coffeeionado, we understand the frustration of hidden costs when making online purchases. This is why we're thrilled to announce that we now cover all shipping, freight, and handling charges for our premium coffee equipment within the continental USA. Gone are the days of considering additional fees as you add items to your cart.

Triple Temperature Control

The T3 technology empowers the barista with full command over the temperature settings of the main boiler, the coffee groups' boiler, and each group head. A state-of-the-art touch screen interface maintains constant communication with these elements, facilitating swift and effortless adjustments. Additionally, the independent group head timers exhibit individual shot progress in real-time, streamlining operations by removing the necessity for external timers.

At the Touch of a Button

Coming standard with a high resolution screen display this machine gives the barista unparalleled control over the machine at their fingertips. Allowing the baristas to easily program dosages, boiler pressure, pre-infusion, and even energy savings settings. That makes this one of the most flexible and consistent volumetric espresso machines.

Volumetric Controls

Volumetric espresso machines with automated features offer a great solution for coffee shops and home users alike. From easy-to-use programmable features, to increased consistency in every cup of espresso, these machines make brewing the perfect cup easier than ever before. When using espresso machines with volumetric pumps, you benefit from their precision. These pumps guarantee accurate water-to-coffee ratios, a key factor in making great espresso.

Automatic Espresso Machine

Automatic espresso machines have revolutionized the way baristas operate in coffee shops, allowing them to focus on other tasks while still producing high-quality espressos. With programmable doses, baristas can set specific measurements for each shot of espresso, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the brewing process. This feature not only helps save time but also maintains the quality and flavor of the final product. Meanwhile, they can also focus on other tasks such as taking money, steaming milk, or other work tasks.

Pre-Infusion SIS Technology

The Soft Infusion System, developed by the techs at Simonelli, is an innovative pre-infusion system that is adjustable, consistent and has no risk of user error. It is unique because it extracts centrifugally by injecting water at different angles into the coffee cake which eliminates channeling and maximizes espresso extraction by creating more contact time between the water and coffee.

Cool Touch No-Burn Steam Wands

With these revolutionary features, you can froth and steam milk without any concerns about getting burned. The cool touch technology ensures that the wand remains at a safe temperature, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect espresso drinks without any worries. Say goodbye to accidental burns and hello to a more enjoyable coffee-making process with our state-of-the-art espresso machine.

Energy Savings

Experience the ultimate energy efficiency with this espresso machine's ECO function, designed to optimize energy usage based on real-time operation. By activating the ECO function during periods of inactivity, you can achieve up to 20% energy savings without compromising on performance. Say goodbye to unnecessary energy consumption and hello to a more sustainable and cost-effective coffee experience. Try the ECO function today and take the first step towards a greener future!

Heritage in Performance

Nuova Simonelli builds all their commercial machines with the key features expected from one of the most respected and renowned coffee machine manufacturers in the world. The Aurelia Wave is a powerful machine that will reliably operate with consistent customer flows.

LCD Display

With this machine you can easily set machine settings using a high-quality LCD screen, allowing for quick access to various functions. Adjusting dosages, pre-infusion, boiler pressure, and energy settings is a breeze with the clear instructions provided on the screen.

Auto-Purge System

When the portafilter is detached from the group head, the Aurelia Wave T3 automatically initiates a self-cleaning process to clear out any leftover coffee grounds, preventing the accumulation of dried-up pucks in the portafilters.

Barista Lights

Work is easy with this commercial espresso machine since you don't need to worry about shadows. The LED barista lights that allow baristas to see what they are doing and not work in the dark.

Pulse Jet Technology

The Pulse Jet system allows for the customization of coffee flow, enabling you to control the start and stop times at your desired intervals. By programming the Pulse Jet system accordingly, you can experience a variety of flavor profiles even with the same type of coffee. This feature provides a wider range of options and yields more remarkable outcomes.

Raised Group Heads

If you provide a various range of cup sizes, the elevated group heads on espresso machines prove to be extremely beneficial. They eliminate the need for baristas to brew into shot glasses and then transfer the espresso into larger cups, allowing them to brew directly into taller cups and maintain an efficient workflow.

Multi-boiler 17-Liter Capacity

This 17-liter commercial espresso machine comes with multiple copper boilers making it specifically designed for professional use in high demand cafes, restaurants, and other commercial environments. Here are the key features:

  • Fast Recover: With such a large boiler, this machine will be able to take care of any rush and offer exceptional quality shot after shot with minimum recovery time.
  • Multi-Boiler Technology: Independent coffee boilers ensure uncompromised temperature stability and give the ability to set different temperatures for each group. This commercial espresso machine ensures optimal steam productivity and temperature control with its independent and insulated coffee boilers for each infusion group.
  • Simultaneous Brewing and Steaming: Thanks to the heat exchange system, baristas can brew espresso shots while simultaneously frothing milk for lattes or cappuccinos. This simultaneous operation is essential during peak hours in a commercial setting.

  • Advanced Temperature Control: With multi-boiler machines maintain steady water temperature for brewing purposes. The boiler remains at steaming temperature, while the group boiler ensures that the brewing water is heated if needed.

Copper Boilers

Copper boilers in espresso machines offer exceptional heat conductivity, ensuring rapid heating and faster recovery times for a quicker startup. Maintaining optimal brewing temperatures is essential for consistently good espresso, and copper's ability to uphold steady temperatures contributes to a consistent brew quality. Additionally, copper's natural antimicrobial properties make it a hygienic choice for espresso machines by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Boiler Gauge

The pressure gauge on espresso machines is vital for producing top-notch espresso. It shows the pressure used to extract the coffee, ensuring that water passes through the grounds in the portafilter at the right force. Keeping this pressure steady is key to making excellent espresso shots every time.

For Large Rush Cafes

This handcrafted Italian espresso machine would be perfect in high-volume cafes. It has made pulling shots as fast and simple as possible, allowing you to focus on your customers.

Suitable for: High quality coffee shops, medium - high volume locations, demanding professionals, barista competitors, specialty coffee shops.

Made in Italy

Since 1936, Nuova Simonelli has been a prominent name in the world of professional coffee machinery and grinders. Based outside of Milan, their dedication to cutting-edge technology, creativity, and eco-friendliness guarantees that both coffee aficionados and baristas can enjoy top-notch results in every cup. Known for its practicality, high efficiency, and attractive aesthetics, Nuova Simonelli's equipment is a trusted favorite among coffee enthusiasts and experienced espresso professionals alike.

Buy the Aurelia Wave T3 at Coffeeionado

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Product Materials

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  • Auto-Volumetric
  • Tall cup clearance
  • 17L Multi-boiler

Free $2550 Bonus Package:

 CoffeeTool 3-in-1 Brush
 Full Circle Equipment Powder
 Full Circle Milk Cleaner
 $2,500 Gold Warranty & Installation

Aurelia Wave T3 Features

  • Volumetric machine with proportioned dose setting
  • Double Soft Infusion System (SIS) 
  • T3 technology
  • 1.5L Heat exchanger
  • Automatic backflushing
  • Tall cup clearance
  • Barista lights
  • Milk lights
  • Practical pull & push levers
  • Stainless steel drip tray (plumbed)
  • Adjustable stainless steel nozzles
  • 1 stainless steel spigot
  • 2 stainless steel wand
  • Water level indicator
  • Pressure guages
  • Fully automatic
  • Safety Listings: CSA/NSF
  • Made in Italy
  • Installation by Certified NS Technician included
  • Gold Warranty Package (2 years parts, first year labor)
  • Customized colors available (RAL color based) - contact us for quote

Gold Package:

    • Professional Installation (water system as well)
    • 1 Year Labor Warranty
    • Receive and Inspect Machine for Damage
    • Water Quality/Clarity Test
    • Equipment Maintenance Training
    • Response within 24 Hours
    • Automatic Warranty Claim Processing
    • Lifetime Warranty on Copper Boilers
    • Single Point of Contact
    • 1 Nuisance Call

Aurelia Wave T3 Specifications

 Dimensions 41.25" W x 24.25" D x 22.5" H
 Weight 196 lbs
 Color Black/Lux/Red
 Controls Touchpad, Levers (steam/water)
 Programmability 4 programmable buttons + manual
 Watts 5000
 Volts 220
 Amperage 30
 Portafilter Size 58mm
 Cup Size Tall
 Hot Water Spigot 1 Stainless Steel
 Steam Arms 2 Push-Pull Stainless Steel
 Boiler Type Multi-boiler
 Boiler Design 17 L - total capacity
 Boiler Material Copper
 Reservoir None
 Pump Commercial Rotary
 Water Source Plumbed
 Case Material Stainless Steel
 Material Steel
 Warranty 2 Years Parts / 1 Year Labor

Order your Aurelia Wave T3 commercial espresso machine from Coffeeionado today and let us handle the rest, even the installation.

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  • NASA Labs

  • Pagi Coffee Merchants

  • Rockefeller University


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