Collection: Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Espresso Machines

The Aurelia Wave commercial espresso machine caters to high-quality coffee shops, medium to high volume locations, and demanding professionals.

Modals Available

Wave Semi-automatic: The basic model, ideal for skilled baristas. While lacking volumetric dosing and an LCD display, it delivers high-quality espresso under the barista’s precise control.
Wave Volumetric: Builds on the Aurelia II Vol, offering a high-resolution screen display for precise programming of dosages, boiler pressure, and pre-infusion.
Wave Digit: Takes cues from the Aurelia II Digit, featuring a high-resolution touch screen display for flexible and consistent volumetric espresso extraction.

Energy Efficient

The Aurelia Wave prioritizes energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, while also guaranteeing user comfort through its ergonomic design for seamless operation.

Aurelia Wave for Sale at Coffeeionado

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